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Denise Hernandez, FNP-C opens her clinical office specifically on Wednesday to offer first responders and essential workers three (3) services wellness check, Immunity Booster & Anxiety consultation to check and support their health and focus to stay well, as they assist the community.  

As a seasoned health professional, Denise understands what it is like to put others first. Yet, forget about yourself. As a result, her response to world pandemic is caring for those in her neck of the woods one patient at a time with the focus of treating essential first responders, essential workers and the uninsured and you.

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We're happy to work with whatever works best for you. Plans can include fat burner injections, coaching, meal plans and supplements!


Stop by anytime to see what will work out best for you!

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Tired? Dehydrated? Swing by! We'll be more than happy to help get you back to 100%!

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We also carry sermorelin. Come on in to see what you'd like!

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Reduce your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease  

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